Reforming academic career assessment in Norway: From cautious pioneer to avant-garde

Ragnar Lie and Vidar Røeggen, both senior advisers in Universities Norway, have written an article for the German journal Personal in Hochschule und Wissenschaft entwickeln about reforming academic career assessment in Norway. Link to the full article is at the bottom of the page. 

Vidar Røeggen and Ragnar Lie (senior advisers in Universities Norway) has written an article about reforming academic career assessment in Norway for DUZ. Aron Bræstrup Løsnes

In this article we will shed some light on how Norway developed a strategy to move its open science and career policies from cautiousness to avant-gardism, and hence being able to contribute to the overall process on research assessment that we see today, despite being a small European country.

A central actor in this strategy was Universities Norway, the Norwegian rectors conference, which through its Action Plan on Open Science from 2018, managed to link key actors nationally to develop NOR-CAM as a concrete toolbox for a broader and more flexible way to assess academic careers.

Consequently, we see that most of the core principles in the new European Agreement on Reforming Research Assessment is already on its way to be implemented in Norway.

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