UHR Termbase

The UHR Termbase contains 2000 terms, primarily in English, Norwegian bokmål and nynorsk, for the higher education sector.

Universities Norway (UHR) recommends that the suggested terms be used in the higher education sector to ensure a standardized terminology in both English and Norwegian. In English the UHR Termbase follows the Oxford University Press standard.

The UHR Termbase is for free public use. We recommend that the resource be made available on other websites and in other relevant ways. We also recommend that external language service providers such as translators etc. be advised to use the UHR Termbase. UHR holds the copyright to the UHR Termbase.

For translation of government administration job titles, the UHR Termbase follows the guidelines of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UD).

Language resources

In addition to the UHR Termbase, UHR recommends English Matters, an online resource which contains language tips, style guides and translations of special terms from the higher education sector. Other useful sources of terminology are listed by the Language Council of Norway (Språkrådet).

See also online Bokmål and Nynorsk dictionaries and Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries.

UHR’s terminology group

The UHR Termbase is developed and maintained by UHR’s terminology group consisting of representatives from the higher education sector appointed by the UHR. 

UHR's terminology group

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