Universities Norway will join the European Agreement on Reforming Research Assessment

Universities Norway (UHR) has decided to sign the European Agreement on Reforming Research Assessment.

Universities Norway will sign the European agreement for Reforming Research Assessment.

The agreement will connect the Norwegian work in this field to the European process to further developing the system for recognition and rewards of academic careers.  

For a few years, Universities Norway has worked on its own guide for assessment of research careers and a framework for this; NOR-CAM. The European agreement is generally consistent with the Norwegian framework.

It is important to point out that when Universities Norway joins the agreement, it will not be a binding commitment for our member institutions. They decide individually whether they wish to sign the agreement.

The NOR-CAM model has been presented widely at several meetings and conferences in Europe, and it is referred to in the toolbox of the Agreement. Universities Norway looks forward to participating actively and constructively in the upcoming consortium of signatory institutions.

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