Universities Norway condemns Russia’s attack on Ukraine 

The invasion of Ukraine is a serious breach of international law. Universities Norway (UHR) strongly condemns the Russian attack on the country! 


Ukraine, flag - Click for large imageUniversities Norway condemns the Russian attack on Ukraine.

Norway must contribute to secure democracy and human rights. The universities are institutions that will contribute to this. The university sector in Norway represents freedom of speech, respect, and cooperation. 

We will maintain these values in the face of war and, we ask Russia to withdraw their forces and stop the war now! 

We feel strongly with all our students and employees that are affected by this conflict. We will take care of them the best way we can. Universities Norway express our clear support and solidarity with all institutions, employees, and students within the higher education sector in Ukraine. 

At the same time, we support the Russian institutions of higher education that promote peace, conflict resolution, collaboration, and oppose the acts of war in Ukraine.  It is important to underscore, that we are acting against the Putin regime, not the people of Russia.  

Sunniva Whittaker 


Nina Sandberg 

Secretary General 

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