UHR is concerned about the threat to academic freedom in Hungary

The Norwegian Association of Higher Education Institutions (UHR) is aware that the Hungarian Parliament is discussing a bill that specifically targets the Central European University (CEU), one which means they will not be able to continue operating in Budapest.

The bill contravenes the principles that have been the basis for European cooperation for decades. Core values such as academic freedom, independence and critical thought are vital to ensuring a society’s basic democratic values and the quality of education and research. UHR is, along with CEU, a member of the European University Association (EUA), and supports the EUA’s official statement. UHR wishes to express its concern at this threat to academic freedom and asks the Hungarian government to respect universities’ institutional autonomy. 


  • Vidar L. Haanes, President UHR, +47 901 64 889 


Central European University is a private, independent institution that is accredited in both the USA and Hungary. A number of the university’s programmes are world-leading, and it has received considerable sums in research funding from the EU. CEU educates around 1500 students annually, and the majority of students and employees are from Hungary.

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Official statement from CEU

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Published July 4, 2017