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Universities Norway (UHR) is a cooperative body for 33 accredited universities and university colleges. UHR’s highest authority is the Council of Representatives. The Council elects the Board, which serves as the executive body. The Board primarily bases its decisions on case studies and recommendations from UHR’s strategic bodies. UHR’s extensive networks enable the organisation to draw on specialised academic and administrative expertise from the entire sector. See the organisational chart.

The main tasks of Universities Norway are to:

  • develop and promote higher education, research, academic and artistic development work, and dissemination;
  • promote the coordination and distribution of tasks within the higher education sector and in relation to other national actors;
  • establish meeting places for the higher education sector in Norway, national authorities, and national and international research and educational environments.

Within the framework of these tasks, UHR has set the following goals for the period 2015–2019:

  1. to be a strong academic and political driving force in the interaction of higher education institutions, authorities and other societal actors, by setting the agenda for important issues related to knowledge policy;
  2. to work to ensure high quality in education and research, with the aim of developing multiple Norwegian academic environments to a high international level;
  3. to promote further development of Norwegian higher education based on the core values of academic freedom and institutional autonomy;
  4. to provide effective services to member institutions, with an emphasis on sound joint solutions.

See the full UHR strategy 2015-2019 (PDF)

Fifty years of university co-operation in Europe (pdf)


UHR is a collective full member of the European University Association



UHR is a member of Det Nordiske Universitetssamarbeid (NUS).

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UHR’s Secretary General handles the general management of UHR’s secretariat within the framework set by the Board. The secretariat’s office is in Oslo, at Stortorvet 2.


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